Cheech and Chong & Morris Day at the Jackson Rancheria

Nov 6, 2017
Are you looking for something fun to do? If so, check out some of the live events at Jackson Rancheria Casino & Hotel. More than just a casino, this resort also features a number of exciting events from concerts to entertainment. Read on to learn more about upcoming events you can enjoy at Jackson Rancheria including Jackson Rancheria concerts.   Cheech & Chong are a famous comedy duo that grew in popularity during the 1970s and 80s that focused on the... 

Plaid Friday

Oct 20, 2017
Gold Country is a popular destination for tours as there is much to explore in the area and there are always exciting events taking place throughout the year. When looking for places to stay in gold country, be sure to find one that’s close to all the action of events taking place in Jackson. One upcoming event is a celebration known as Plaid Friday. Read on to learn all about Plaid Friday! Every year, Plaid Friday takes place on November 24th as it... 

Halloween in Jackson

Oct 6, 2017
Is Halloween one of your favorite holidays? Lucky for you, Jackson has a number of halloween events for you to enjoy. From family friendly halloween events to creepy haunted houses that will test your courage, there is something for everyone! Read on to find the perfect Halloween event for you. Halloween Haunted House at The Hub On select nights, head over to the 3rd floor of the Krabbenhoft Building and enjoy a family friendly haunted house that your kids can enjoy. There will be different themed rooms such as the “Horror House... 

Fall Events at Jackson Rancheria Casino

fall events jackson rancheria casino
Sep 21, 2017
Jackson rancheria hotels include the Jackson Rancheria Casino that is conveniently located near the Jackson Lodge. The Casino has a number of exciting events scheduled throughout the year. Read on to discover what upcoming shows you can enjoy at the Jackson Rancheria Casino! One upcoming event is the 2017 Sierra Foothill Harvest Brew-Fest! Come down to the 5th annual event on Saturday, October 14th where those 21 and over come together to celebrate their love of beer. Located at the Grand Oak Ballroom, during... 

Roaring Camp Mining Company

roaring camp mining company
Sep 9, 2017
If you are looking for a family friendly experience in the area, consider heading over to Roaring Camp Mining Company. The Mining Company Camp ground offers a number of fun options for recreation in the great outdoors. Learn more about the Roaring Camp Mining Company today. The Camp Grounds originally came into fruition back during the California Gold Rush. At the time, the Forty Niners tried their luck mining for gold at this location. However, the camp grounds were difficult to reach. In fact, it was only accessible by horseback. As a result,... 

The Amador Whitney Museum

amador whitney museum
Aug 22, 2017
When staying at hotels in Jackson CA, there is much to explore in this city that is rich in history. While there are many places to visit, consider making time for a stop at the Amador Whitney Museum and learn more about the role of women during the Gold Rush. The Amador Whitney Museum tells the story of the Gold Rush while focusing on the unique perspective of the women who lived during that time. Learn more about the history and culture... 

Veteran’s Day Parade In Jackson City

veterans day parade in jackson
Aug 4, 2017
Jackson City hosts a number of fun and exciting annual events in downtown Jackson, which you can enjoy when you stay at Jackson California hotels. Every year, these events allow the community to gather and enjoy the various events with friends and family. Events take place throughout the year and celebrate all the seasons from flowers in the spring time to scarecrows during the fall. One annual event is the Veteran’s Day Parade that takes place November 11th at 10am. Locals and visitors are always welcomed to attend! ... 

The Best Brunches Near You

best brunch around jackson ca
Jul 19, 2017
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but sometimes it’s nice to sleep in every now and then. If you’re staying at the Jackson Lodge and you’re looking for a bite to eat, consider these brunch destinations, which are some of the best around Jackson! Rose Buds Cafe is a quaint eatery that offers up fresh food with excellent service. Much of the products actually come from the family farm that is located nearby and the servers are part of the family. On the menu you’ll also... 

Your Summer Itinerary for Jackson, CA

summer in jackson ca
Jul 7, 2017
With summer in full swing, you might be wanting to enjoy some fun activities during your time in Jackson. Lucky for you, the city offers a number of activities to enjoy from outdoor fun to learning about the history of this great city. If you’re staying at hotels in Jackson CA, here are just some things you can enjoy this summer in Jackson. If you’re looking for some outdoor fun, head over to one of the many lakes in Amador county, One such lake is Pardee Lake. Here, you... 

Adventure Through the California Cavern State Historic Landmark!

california cavern state historical landmark
Jun 21, 2017
The California Cavern State Historic Landmark is a well known cave that guests visit year round. At this cavern, there are a variety of fun activities to enjoy as you travel underground and take a look at the enchanting crystalline formations that line the ceilings and walls of the cavern. Come and see what you can discover at the Cavern State Historic Landmark, The caves were first discovered in 1850 and guests have come to visit the beautiful site ever since. There are a number of tours that guests can choose from when they visit this landmark as...