A Guide to Surviving a Long Family Road Trip

Feb 20, 2016
winding mountain road

Family vacations are special occasions that allow for fun and lasting memories to be made. While road trips are fun experiences, long drives from one destination to the next can often get boring. It might also be hard to keep everyone entertained. If you have your sights set on taking a trip to a family friendly hotel in Jackson CA, here are some ways that you can survive long family road trips.

One tip is to have each child pack a backpack. Inside each backpack, your child can pack it with whatever they will want to use throughout the trip. For example, they can include crayons, coloring books, travel games or snacks. For the younger kids you can include a teddy bear or favorite blanket. For the older kids, add a travel journal so they can write about their favorite places you visited. With each child having their own backpack, it can go along way to keep the peace.

Maybe the most important thing you can do to keep the peace is to pack snacks – and lots of them. It’s easy for your children to become fussy or upset if they are hungry so be sure to pack a cooler with favorite snacks to keep everyone feeling good. Bring a mix of healthy snacks and tasty treats such as grapes and nuts as well as cookies, juice boxes and water. Be sure to make the snacks easily accessible so your children can access them without you having to stop the car every time someone wants a snack.

Another great way to keep you children engaged is by having them learn about your destinations. There are many geography books made specifically for children such as the National geographic Kids Ultimate U.S. Road Trip Atlas. These book shares roadside attractions, cool things to do, and even includes interesting laws of different states. You can also give each child a disposable camera so they can document the journey in their own vacation scrapbook.