Accelerate Your Way to the Motherlode Cruise Car Show!

May 8, 2014
Classic Samsung

Calling all car enthusiasts! If you and your friends or family wants to take a stroll down memory lane, then make your way down to Main Street in historic Downtown Jackson for the Motherlode Cruise Car Show! For three years, this wonderfully historic city has hosted this car show that is always fun for the whole family. Join them in celebrating their fourth year! There will be 125 cars from the year 1975 and older, including the fan favorite Model T’s. This event is FREE and will start on Saturday, May 17th from 10 a.m. to  3 p.m. Set up for the event will start at 8 a.m. While you walk along downtown Jackson looking at all the beautiful cars, enjoy all the vendors representing various parts of the community, music, and food! There will even be some classic motorcycles present as well. Car enthusiasts and fans planning to stay in hotels in Jackson Ca would not want to miss this heart racing event!

After you have enjoyed the car show, consider simply strolling down the historic streets of Downtown Jackson. You will be sure to find antique shops, art, classic books, saloon style restaurants and unique shops. Jackson, CA was founded over 150 years ago during the gold rush! In its early years, the town was located near a mine, so in true western fashion, minors would make their way to the town of Jackson Creek for “gambling, girls, and gastronomic delights”! There is also a historic Jackson walking tour that you can partake in to learn all about this great city – Jackson, the Friendliest Town in the Gold Country!

The Jackson Business and Community Association, which is dedicated to promoting the interests of Jackson’s unique economy, hosts the Motherlode Cruise Car Show annually. Ran by citizens who have local businesses, they strive to form collaborations and good relationships between the “business community, residential community, local government, and the people [they] serve”.