Adventure Through the California Cavern State Historic Landmark!

Jun 21, 2017
california cavern state historical landmark

The California Cavern State Historic Landmark is a well known cave that guests visit year round. At this cavern, there are a variety of fun activities to enjoy as you travel underground and take a look at the enchanting crystalline formations that line the ceilings and walls of the cavern. Come and see what you can discover at the Cavern State Historic Landmark,

The caves were first discovered in 1850 and guests have come to visit the beautiful site ever since. There are a number of tours that guests can choose from when they visit this landmark as well as tours of the surrounding area. Walking tours last approximately 60-80 minutes and many are appropriate for the whole family. During the walking tour, guests can learn about the history of the cavern as well as some basic geology as guests discover how the crystals are formed. In addition to family friendly walking tours, there are also expedition adventure tours for those who are searching for an adrenaline rush. In these expedition tours, you explore undeveloped areas of the cave, which means there are no stairs, walkways or lights. Instead, you’ll bravely explore the caves with lighted helmets as you climb and belly crawl your way through the cave!

Other activities to enjoy while you are at the California Cavern State landmark, is the gemstone mining and gold panning activity that is perfect for children. Kids can use authentic mining flumes and pan for gold and gemstones the way settlers mined decades ago! Cave rappelling, twin zip lining, and exploring through the zen garden nature trail, geode cracking and rock climbing are all other options that guests can enjoy. If you are looking for activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family while exploring the area, consider stopping by the California Cavern State Historic Landmark for an adventure you won’t soon forget!