The Chi-Lites bring the 1970’s back to the Jackson Rancheria!

Feb 6, 2015

Now is your chance to travel back to the 1970s, when the music was smooth and the jazz was flowing because The Chi-Lites will be playing at the Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort! Come listen to the Chicago based smooth-soul vocal quartet on Thursday, February 19th. The Chi-Lites will be playing all their hits such as “Oh Girl”, “Have you seen her?”, and (For God’s Sake) Give More Power to the People” as well as their other chart topping songs. The concert will begin at 7pm, doors open at 6pm, and will call will open at 5pm. The concert will take place at the Grand Oak Ballroom stage inside the Jackson Rancheria Casino resort. Tickets start at only $25 if you are a Dreamcatcher’s Club Member and will start at $30 for non Dreamcatcher’s Club Members. Tickets can only be purchased at the Cashier Cage, so if you’re staying in one of the hotels near Jackson Rancheria, be sure to get your tickets today!

The Chi-Lites formed in 1959 but did not pick up in popularity until the early 1970s with their first hit occurring in 1971. The group was originally called the “Hi-Lites” but decided since they wanted to pay homage to the fact that the group members were all from Chicago, they changed their name to the Chi-Lites – a nod to the fact that Chicago is often referred to as Chi-Town. The band enjoyed success throughout the 1970s and while they experienced some tension with their record label during the 1980s, they soon recovered and were able to get their groove back on. Recently, the group was honored by being inducted into the Rhythm & Blues Hall of Fame back in 2000 and in 2003, the Chi-Lites were featured in “Only the Strong Survive” a docu-movie created by Miramax. Recent hits include “Are You my Woman?” and “Hot on a Thing (Called Love)”