Explore the Calaveras County Museum and Historical Society

Jun 8, 2017
front of a building

The Jackson area is known as being an influential part of early California history. With a combination of early settlers and the gold rush, it is a unique part of California that tells a story of young America. If you are wanting to learn more about California during the early 1800s, you will want to stop by the Calaveras County Museum and Historical Society.

The Calaveras County Museum and Historical Society is an excellent museum of local history. Here, you can learn more about the early history of the area and learn more about the beginning stages of California. While you explore this self guided museum, you will learn about interesting stories during the early 1800s and hear about the fascinating people who had a role in developing the area, learn about the importance of gold mining as well as the outlaws, sheriffs and buildings that all had an important role to play during the 1800s. You will also find full room recreations of a courtroom with jury chairs, an office, a court library, a bedroom and so much more. In one section of the museum, you will also find a display of various Native American items. Perhaps one of the most unique aspects of the museum is the original courthouse, which is so old it was actually made from boards shipped from China since there no lumber mills in the area yet when the building was created.

You’ll find the Calaveras County Museum and Historical Society at 30 N. Main Street in San Andrea. The center was founded by the Historical Society in 1952 and has been a favorite spot for locals and visitors alike. Stop by today and begin exploring the Gold country!