Explore Jackson’s Gold Mining History

Jan 21, 2016
gold mining

Jackson, California is a rich resource of early California history, especially when it comes to the Gold Rush. Jackson, California was one of the first places where gold was reportedly discovered on the West Coast. If you are interested in learning more about this fascinating time in Californian history, one great way to learn more is by taking a guided tour at the Kennedy Gold Mine.

The Kennedy Gold mine is named after Andrew Kennedy, an immigrant from Ireland who discovered a quartz outcropping during the late 1850s. In 1860, he officially started the Kennedy Mining Company when he and three of his partners began to create shafts to begin mining. When you visit the gold mine, you can still see two out of the three huge tailing wheels that were used to carry large amounts of gravel over the hills into the settling pond. These wheels were first erected in 1913. In 1878, the mine was closed but was reopened in 1886 when a group of 15 people invested $97,600 in order to reopen it. In 1928, a fire burned nearly all of the structures except for the Stamp Mill and the Mine Office. All other buildings that are today on the property were rebuilt after 1928. The mine was continually kept running until 1942, when the U.S. Government decided to close the mine because of the war effort.

As you can see Jackson has a lot of history and so the next time you come to this city, make sure to take a tour of Kennedy Gold Mine. Be sure to also book a hotel near the Kennedy Gold Mine in advance. Guided tours provide an in-depth and interesting tour of the Kennedy Gold Mine grounds. You will be led by knowledgeable staff members for an educational and fun experience. These tours generally last 1.5 hours. Self guided tours books can also be purchased at the gift shop if you wish to wander around the grounds on your own. For more information, visit www.kennedygoldmine.com