Exploring Black Chasm Cavern

Feb 24, 2017
black chasm cavern

Are you and your family looking for ways to explore the natural wonder of the area? If so, a trip to the Black Chasm Cavern is just for you. Come down to this National Natural Landmark and learn all about the wonders of nature today.

Black Chasm Cavern is an exciting way to explore the beauty of nature. In this cavern, you’ll be led by a knowledgeable tour guide who will offer insightful and knowledgeable facts about the cavern and the history of the area. One of the best parts of exploring the caverns is that you can see the helictite crystals that form on the walls of the cavern. During your tour, there will be some tight or narrow corridors but there won’t be any crawling when on the basic tour. After the tour stop by the gift store where you can pick up a number of different trinkets as well as purchasing dirt from inside the cave. Right outside the visitor center, there is even an area where you can pan for minerals! Try your luck at this historic pastime that explorers engaged in years ago.

Black Chasm Cavern is also a National Natural Landmark and was designated as such in 1976 by the National Park Service.What makes this site unique is that there are a number of different types of crystal formations such as stalagmites, stalactites, flowstones and a vast number of helictite crystals, which are actually quite rare. This tour is led by Cave & Mine Adventures. This company offers a number of tours of various caves throughout the area. They also offer adventures such as going zip lining! For more information, visit www.caverntours.com