Get into the Rhythm for the Back in Black – The Johnny Cash Tribute!

Jun 6, 2014
johnny cash performing

Some would say that Americana/Alternative Country is American music at its finest. Music legend Johnny Cash was in this genre and he has left a lasting impression on millions of fans. If you are one of those fans and enjoy Americana, Alternative country, or Honky Tonk music, then consider attending a concert by The Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash. The show will be on Sunday, June 21st at 6pm at the Sutter Creek Theater. Tickets are $15 if purchased in advance and $17 at the door. Fans of alternative country music staying in hotels close to Sutter Creek, be sure to watch this amazing tribute to the legendary Johnny Cash!

The band will be performing “Back in Black – The Johnny Cash Tribute”. Johnny Price takes on the role of Johnny Cash and he does so flawlessly. From his appearance to his vocals, the resemblance is truly uncanny! And what would Johnny Cash be without June Carter? No worries, Dee Price fills the role with her amazing vocals that have been blowing away fans for more than 15 years! But this band is so much more than just a tribute band. Dee Price also covers Patsy Cline. Namely, the Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash and Dee Price take on the world of  Americana and Country Western music back in its heyday. Johnny Cash, June Carter, and Patsy Cline were incredible singers who definitely embraced their roots and culture all while blending in Swing, Western, Rock, and Polka styles seamlessly.

Rolling Stone describes Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash as “pure Americana heart and soul” and that is definitely what this music is all about. The band was formed in 1995, and they have been touring all over the nation from New York to California even going abroad to countries such as Ireland! Their music is so incredible that believe it or not, the band received permission for their name from Johnny Cash himself! Opening for this incredible performance is Million Dollar Giveaway, a local band that is all about “home grown country, blues, and Americana” music.