Halloween in Jackson

Oct 6, 2017
Halloween in Jackson

Is Halloween one of your favorite holidays? Lucky for you, Jackson has a number of halloween events for you to enjoy. From family friendly halloween events to creepy haunted houses that will test your courage, there is something for everyone! Read on to find the perfect Halloween event for you.

Halloween Haunted House at The Hub

On select nights, head over to the 3rd floor of the Krabbenhoft Building and enjoy a family friendly haunted house that your kids can enjoy. There will be different themed rooms such as the “Horror House of Dolls”, “Hospital Horrors”, “Coffin Crawlers”, and the “Witch’s Brew” among others. There will also be fun activities such as a Mummy Wrap Race, a cake walk, pumpkin decorating and pumpkin bowling!

Preston Castle Haunted House

Do you dare to spend time at an actual haunted location? Preston Castle, featured on shows such as Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters and Ghost Asylum has had real paranormal activity sightings and during this Halloween season, you can venture through the haunted halls yourself! As you walk through the Haunted House, there will also be new scares along the way. Outside, there will also be food vendors and other vendors selling cool merchandise to commemorate the time you visited an actual haunted house and made it out to tell the tale!

Dire World Scare Park

If Halloween is your favorite season and you love to be scared, than you’ll want to head over to the premier horror theme park in Northern California. The Dire World Scare Park is an entire themed area that is dedicated to showcasing things that go bump in the night. Explore the 8 menacing attractions as well as live entertainment such as musical acts, live fire shows, food court and more. Get your tickets for this event today.