History of Jackson CA

Jan 4, 2019
jackson ca history

From its role in the Gold Rush to its relationship with wineries, Jackson, CA history is varied and there is lots to learn. Read on to discover more about the history of this area. When staying in Jackson, consider staying at an affordable hotel to help save.


It is fair to say that the city of Jackson, CA as we know it was was born in the gold rush. Before men from the Mid-West and East Coast travelled west, the area was home to Native Americans of the Sierra Mi-Wuk Indians. The city of Jackson become popular during the gold rush as it was the location of a camp during the gold rush. The city would draw gold seekers from around the world and soon there was a rich and diverse population including English, French, Chinese, Italians and Jews. Jackson would go on to become the largest city in Amador County and the city was founded in 1848. It’s believed that the city was named after Col. Alden A.M. Jackson, a Mexican War veteran who first visited the town site in 1848 with a group of prospectors. Col. Jackson became a famous Attorney in the city that the miners loved as he would help them settle claims and various disputes without having to go to court.


Today, Jackson has kept its historic charm with many of the businesses on Main Street still keeping the original facades and interior walls of buildings that were built in the early days of the city. As the town was created due to the influx of miners searching for gold, there are actually still underground tunnels that lay underneath the city.