Jug Band Fest 2018

Aug 3, 2018
jug band fest at sutter creek

Amador County is a quaint area of Northern California, and being founded in 1854, it has still  kept much of its Gold Rush charm. If you want to learn more about the Gold Rush experience, consider spending some time at Roaring Camp Jackson, CA, a nearby ranch. The county is also known for hosting a variety of fun and family friendly festivals throughout the year. One upcoming event is the annual Jug Band Festival!


The International Jug Band Festival & Folk Art Fair is held every year in Sutter Creek. This festival is always held on the 3rd Saturday of August and this year will take place from 11am – 9pm. This fun event is to celebrate the art of jug music. If you’re wondering what a jug band is, it’s simply “people jamming music for free and for fun with an extremely unrehearsed, spontaneous nature to it”. If you have never heard people jamming together on jugs, than this is an event you won’t want to miss. In addition to jugs, it’s people playing music on anything they can get their hands on from spoons, saws and washboards to banjos, upright bass and acoustic guitars. This year marks the 16th annual Jug Band Festival & Folk Art Fair!


This FREE event is a fun time for kids of all ages to come together and simply enjoy some old-time music. There will be singing and dancing and of course fantastic entertainment. This year you’ll be able to hear some Jug Band Festival favorites as well as new artists to the Jug band scene. Some of the bands that will be performing at this year’s festival include 5 Cent Coffee, South Sac Jooks, Jailhouse String Band, and 2-Bit Jug Band. This year, the event will take place right on the lawn of the historic Sutter Creek Inn, which is also the first Bed and Breakfast Inn in California. Mark your calendars for this exciting event.