Kennedy Tailing Wheels Park

Dec 21, 2018
kennedy tailing wheels park

Sutter Creek and Amador County perhaps has a heritage that is steeped in gold mining history. It’s the location of the historic Kennedy Gold mine, which boasts the deepest gold mines in the whole world. While there are plenty of place to visit when wanting to explore this area gold mining history, the sutter creek gold mine experience would not be completed without a visit to the kennedy tailing wheels park.


The Kennedy Tailing Wheels Park is the location of the most photographed mining relics in all of Jackson and Amador country and have come to be iconic symbols of the areas. The Kennedy Tailing Wheels are an impressive fifty-eight foot diameter, one of a kind, wooden wheels. These huge wheels were not actually built during the time of Gold Rush but were built in 1914, as a direct response to effects of mining. In 1914, federal anti-debris laws were passed in order to prevent the dumping of mining waste in river and streams. These huge wheels were built in order to lift the tailings from the mine up and over large hills of the dam that was located by the Kennedy Mines.


A visit to the Kennedy Tailing Wheels Park also allows for a pleasant walk through nature. There is an easy 0.3 mile, out and back trail that you can walk that will take past tailing wheel number three and at the end of the trail is the dam overlook. The short walk only has an elevation gain of 78 feet and it accessible for the whole family. Along the way there are also picnic tables making it a great place to enjoy a meal outdoors with family and friends. Dogs are also able to use this trail if they kept on leash. Visit the park to enjoy some time outdoors and take in some history of Amador county and its role during the gold rush.