Knight Foundry in Jackson, CA

Oct 26, 2018
Knight Foundry

Founded in 1854, Amador County has a rich history such as the kennedy gold mine jackson california that helped to spur the migration growth of California. The knight foundry is another one of Amador County’s historic areas. Located in the heart of Sutter Creek, a visit the the knight foundry is an excellent way to step back in time and learn more about the early history of Amador County and California.


The Knight Foundry is actually America’s last water powered foundry and machine shop. The foundry was established back in 1873 by Samuel Knight. A foundry is a factory where metal castings are produced by melting the metal, pouring it into a mold and then leaving it to solidify as it cools. The Knight Foundry played an integral role during the Gold Rush-era of early California. But the foundry went further than that. In fact,this foundry was open for continuous operation for 123 years! Knight was originally from the East coast and was familiar with the water wheels of the east where they relied on steady water supplies for the whole year. On the West coast, he realized that water was very seasonal and had to develop a new hydraulic mining system that would address this.


When you visit the Knight Foundry today, step back in time and discover the ingenuity that took place to help early California grow. You may be amazed to find that all the machinery and equipment is still in the same original place as it was during its heyday. Come and visit America’s last water powered foundry and machine shop and witness a part of gold mining history. Guided tours take place on the second Saturday of every month at 10am, 12pm and 2pm. No reservations are needed. Visit the official website for more information.