Mining For Gold in Sutter Creek & Amador County

Mar 23, 2016
pyrite closeup

Sutter Creek and Amador County are filled with a rich history that tells a unique part of California’s history. A part of this is the history of gold mining in Northern California. In fact, gold panning is such an important aspect of California’s history that it is a part of the reason why this state is called the Golden State. Even though the gold rush is over, there is still a way for you and your family to be a part of history. Here are ways that you can still go gold panning in Sutter Creek and Amador County.

For some of the best gold panning fun around, you’ll want to head over to The Roaring Camp Mining company in Amador County. This location was actually an old gold mining camp in years past and is located along the Mokulmne River. Back in the day, miners attempted to pan for gold here but because the camp was not easily accessible due to the river, much of the gold here still remains to this day! At this location, you’ll learn all the proper techniques to gold mining such as panning, where you simply use a pan in a stream to separate gold from other minerals; sluicing, which uses long wooden boxes instead of pans; and other techniques such as dredging and hardrock mining. By the end of the day you’ll be just as good as the original forty niners! Another option in Amador County is Amador County Park’s Volcano Memorial Park. At this location, there is an entire area sectioned off for visitors to try gold panning on their own. If you’re lucky, you might find a gold nugget or two! Visit for hours.

If you are looking for gold mining in Jackson, head over to the Sutter Gold Mine. Not only can you pan for gold, you can go mining for gold too! As a part of the experience, you can go on a one hour tour that takes you deep underground into a long abandoned gold mine. As you travel down the mineshaft, you’ll get to learn more about the mining process and how people of the past mined for gold. If you want another way to learn about mining, visit the Kennedy Gold Mine. The mine is known for having the deepest gold mine in the entire world and at one point, it produced over $34 million in gold. While there are no options for gold panning here, it is an excellent way to learn all about the history of mining in Sutter Creek. For more information visit

See if you can get lucky and find some gold during your stay in Sutter Creek and Amador Country!

Are you looking to come to Jackson for some Gold Mining? The Roaring Camp Mining Company & Sutter Gold Mine are 2 great options.