Roaring Camp Mining Company

Sep 9, 2017
roaring camp mining company

If you are looking for a family friendly experience in the area, consider heading over to Roaring Camp Mining Company. The Mining Company Camp ground offers a number of fun options for recreation in the great outdoors. Learn more about the Roaring Camp Mining Company today.

The Camp Grounds originally came into fruition back during the California Gold Rush. At the time, the Forty Niners tried their luck mining for gold at this location. However, the camp grounds were difficult to reach. In fact, it was only accessible by horseback. As a result, Roaring Camp was soon deserted for campgrounds that offered easier access to the miners. The good news is that after the miners left, the area was not heavily used until recently, meaning there is still gold left to find! When you stop by, you can learn all about how to operate a gold mine. Once you’ve learned some knowledge, you then can try your hand at mining for gold yourself! Try panning for gold or the other options for finding gold such as dredging, sluicing and dry washing.

Roaring Camp Mining Company however is more than just a place to search for gold. In fact, at the grounds, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Being out in nature means that you can have access to the waters and rivers that provides a number of fun opportunities. For example, grab a boat and spend an afternoon rafting or head down to the swimming hole and do some laps. Other options include fishing or hiking the area that the 49ers used back in the day. Spend some time searching for the wildlife or learn more about the animals that call the ranch home. If that’s not enough, play a round of ping pong or horseshoe. There’s even a playground area and a miniature golf course that the whole family can enjoy!  At the end of a long week, join the party at the weekly Saturday Night Cookout Dinner that is hosted by Roaring Camp. The cookout dinner takes place from 5pm – 10pm. Visit the official website and learn more about all the things you can enjoy when you visit Roaring Camp Mining Company.