Rush into a Remarkable Time at the Kennedy Gold Mine Surface Tours!

Jul 3, 2014
kennedy gold mine view

One thing that California is known is for is the gold rush back in the mid 1800s. Be a part of the history as you get the rare opportunity to take a self guided tour of the Kennedy Gold Mine. The Kennedy Gold Mine is famous for being one of the world’s deepest gold mines. The Kennedy Gold mine measures in at an incredible 5,912 feet – that’s nearly five Empire State Buildings tall! Adventurers wondering where to pan for gold in California, you’ve found the perfect place at the Kennedy Gold Mine!

Feel free to take a self guided tour at the Kennedy Gold Mine, though be sure to stay on the lookout for poison oak and rattlesnakes, as they may be in the area. While you walk through the mine, take in the entire ambience, as you are transported hundreds of years into the past! Feel free to bring along a picnic lunch to enjoy during their trip!

The Kennedy Gold Mine demonstrates how the Gold Rush completely changed the California lifestyle. For many years, California was extremely unpopulated and was wholly an agrarian state. Once James Marshall discovered gold in 1848 however, that all changed as hundreds of immigrants flocked to California all for the chance to find gold. The Kennedy Gold Mine opened in 1860, when an Irish immigrant named Andre Kennedy came to California and started to dig shafts in the area and struck gold. In 1878, the mill was closed as it had only operated sporadically throughout the years. However, a number of people got together and decided to invest $97,600 to reopen it in 1886. A few years later, they once again began mining for gold. The mine continued to stay in operation until 1942, because the US Government stated that all gold mines were to be closed down as they were not essential in helping with the war effort.