Shop Bargains Galore during Plaid Friday at Downtown Jackson!

Nov 7, 2014
plaid friday

November is a time for giving thanks and for being with friends and family. But after the meal, it is also a time for many people to get ready for Black Friday and all the saving opportunities that stores promise. There are many people who do not appreciate Black Friday and the consumerism that it promotes, and now, those people have come together to offer another alternative to Black Friday – Plaid Friday! For those that enjoy shopping and happen to be staying in hotels by Downtown Jackson CA, don’t miss this great and popular event!

Jackson City is known for being the “friendliest town in the Gold Country” and so the people of Jackson have decided to offer Plaid Friday. Many times, we hear on the news about people being trampled or fights breaking out over the last item of a particular item. Jackson would like to turn away from these sad stories and offer an opportunity for the community to gather together and shop in a safe environment. Specifically, Plaid Friday is also fighting against big businesses that dominate shopping centers. In response to this, Plaid Friday is celebrating the diversity of small businesses in the Jackson area. It has been designed to promote all the great things that you can find at small and independent businesses. When you shop at a business displaying a Plaid Friday poster in their store or window, simply by wearing plaid and showing your support, these businesses will thank you by offering a promotion or discount to those wearing plaid! Some of the promotions that stores will be offering to customers wearing plaid include a gift card with purchase, a discount, a discount with minimum purchase and many others. Plaid Friday will be held during normal daytime hours.

Plaid Friday was an original idea conventionalized by the community in Oakland, California, a city, which has been known for their strong support and campaigns for shopping at local businesses.