Sniff, Slurp, and Savor The Best Wines at the Sutter Creek Wine Tasting!

Jun 19, 2014
sutter creek wine tasting

Do you enjoy drinking wine? Have you ever wanted to go wine tasting? Have you gone wine tasting before and want to go again? If so, come down to the Sutter Creek Wine Tasting in Sutter Creek. It is the only winery that offers a tasting room in the entire Amador County. The Sutter Creek Wine Tasting is open daily from 11am to 6pm, so come at your own convenience!

Even though Sutter Creek Wine Tasting is a small boutique, don’t let that fool you since they have many great options. They serve wine from two wineries: Fiddletown’s Le Mulet Rougue and Coloma’s Gold Hill – both family owned and award winning wineries. Between these two wineries, there is everything that you could want. They have reds, whites, dessert, and sparkling wines. All of the wines they have for sale are open for tasting any day of the week! Appreciators and lovers of wine staying at hotels close to Sutter Creek would definitely love to experience the authentic Sutter Creek Wine Tasting!

If you stop by Sutter Creek Wine Tasting, you can take your glass right at the bar and learn something new about wine from the knowledgeable employees on staff. Or, you can sip your wine on the front porch and enjoy the historic charm of Sutter Creek, which is also known as a Gold Rush town. Not only does Sutter Creek Wine tasting offer great wines, they even have delicious condiment tasting to go alongside your wine. Try local jellies, flavored mustards, and delicious stuffed olives – all of which make for delicious pairings to your wine. Before you go, don’t forget to stop at the gift shop, which sells things from art to wine supplies to other fun oddities.

If you really love wine, consider joining their wine club. As a member, you’ll receive four shipments a year, which includes 3 bottles per shipments for a total of 12 bottles of wine each year! In addition, you’ll receive discounts on all of their wines, as well as everything in the gift shop. If you’re more of a champagne person, no worries, you can join their champagne wine club! As a member you will receive two bottles every other month. You will receive one Le Mulet Rouge flavored Champagne which is of your choice, and one Champagne from Gold Hill California winery. You will also get a 20% store wide discount!