Your Summer Itinerary for Jackson, CA

Jul 7, 2017

With summer in full swing, you might be wanting to enjoy some fun activities during your time in Jackson. Lucky for you, the city offers a number of activities to enjoy from outdoor fun to learning about the history of this great city. If you’re staying at hotels in Jackson CA, here are just some things you can enjoy this summer in Jackson.

If you’re looking for some outdoor fun, head over to one of the many lakes in Amador county, One such lake is Pardee Lake. Here, you can enjoy a number of outdoor activities such as camping, picnicking or just fun relaxation time by the water. If you have a boat, feel free to bring it out and go fishing. There are also nearby swimming pools that your family can use recreationally. Another option is Lake Amador, which is a great option if you’re wanting to go fishing or camping as there is a campground on site with a hookup RV park as well.

One unique way to explore the city while also learning about it’s unique past is the Ghost Trails Cemetery Hunt. In this fun activity for the whole family, you’ll go on a scavenger hunt unlike any before. At the start of the hunt, you’ll be given a map that will take you through Aqueduct and Volcano cemeteries as well as historic Pine Grove. You’ll use the map to find specific headstones that match specific people and learn about the stories of these settlers and their journey west before settling in Amador County.

Train Park is dedicated to the history of the railroad in Amador County, which began in 1904. This train park is the home to the famous Iron Ivan. This train was the last steam locomotive to operate on the Amador Central Railroad between Martell and Ione. The train was originally built for the McCloud River Railroad back in 1901 and today it continues to be an example of one of the early steam locomotives that were used in this country. At this park, there is also an area that includes swings, a play structure for kids and picnic tables.