The Preston Castle will get even Creepier during the Halloween Haunt!

Oct 9, 2015

During Halloween, there are a number of “Haunted Houses” that pop up all around the city. However, this year, if you are looking for an authentic experience while staying near Amador County during Halloween, there is only one place that you should look to – Preston’s Castle Halloween Haunt. Preston Castle will offer Halloween Haunt for the two weekends prior to Halloween. Get your tickets today!

Halloween Haunt at Preston Castle is the only Halloween event located at a real Haunted House in Northern California. Preston’s Castle has been showcased on Ghost Adventures and on Ghost Hunters and real paranormal activity has been recorded here! This “scare” tour is different from the other historical tours that are given at Preston Castle. This will be a themed tour for the Halloween season. Please note that this tour may be too intense for younger children and this year, there will not be an additional children’s carnival area. In addition to the “scare” tour, there will also be bar with drinks, popcorn, hotdogs, and other snacks available for purchase. T-shirts will also be available for purchase.

If you are interested in entering this authentic haunted mansion, gates will open at 6pm and the first tour will begin at 6:30pm. Tours will run through 11pm. Only a limited amount will be for sale each night so be sure to buy your tickets in advance. General admission is $20 per person. Children under 14 can get it for $10. For $35 you can purchase a VIP ticket which gets you to the FastPass line as well as a second Haunt walk through. Halloween Haunt will take place on Friday, October 16th; Saturday, October 17th; Friday, October 23rd; Saturday, October 24th; Friday, October 30th;and  Saturday, October 31st. For more information, or to pruchase tickets, visit