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Jun 1, 2016
Kennedy Mining Wheel

Jackson is a city with much to do and see. It is especially a good city if you are looking to get out and explore the outdoors. If you are interested in learning more about the history of Jackson while also getting outdoors, here are some guided tours in Jackson that you can go on during your summer vacation.

Stop by the Black Chasm Cavern, a cave that is known for its incredible amount of natural crystal formations that have formed over the years. Some of the formations that you’ll be able to find at the Black Chasm Cavern include stalagmites, stalactites, flowstone, helictites and many more. The tour that is offered lasts approximately 50 minutes and is open to guests of all ages. The tour is offered by Cave & Mine Adventures. Check out their website at

For a historical self-guided tour, visit the Kennedy Gold Mine. The Kennedy Gold Mine was founded in 1860 when Andrew Kennedy and his partners began digging at the location which is currently the mine’s entrance. Throughout the years, millions of dollars worth of gold has been mined. Throughout the self guided tour, you will be able to see original buildings that were used when the mine first opened as well as other locations throughout the mine that have been either rebuilt or restored. For more information, visit

To see an impressive architectural masterpiece, visit the Preston Castle, a structure built in the Romanesque Revival style. This building was originally made to be the location of the Preston School of Industry. The building was impressive with a total of 77 rooms over five floors. Within the building there was a physician’s office, classrooms, a library, a reading room, bathrooms, dorm rooms and more. Take a look into history by visiting the Preston Castle. For more information, visit

If you want to get outside, a trip to the Amador Flower Farm is just for you. At this location, there are over 1000 different daylilies that have been planted! The result is a beautiful view of colorful flowers. For more information, visit

You are sure to have a splendid time in Jackson by taking these tours!

When in Jackson, CA you must embark on a guided tour! The Black Chasm Cavern, Kennedy Gold Mine, Preston Castle and The Amador Flower Farm are all great guided tours!
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