Tours at Kennedy Gold Mine | The Jackson Lodge

May 5, 2017
kennedy gold mine jackson ca

If you are looking to learn more about the history of early settlers in the area, or want to learn more about the Gold Mine history of California, a stop at Kennedy Gold Mine Jackson CA is a must. The Kennedy Gold Mine is actually one of the deepest gold mines in the entire world and played an important role during the Gold Rush that took place in California from 1849-1858. To learn more about the Mine as well as Gold Mining history, stop by for a tour today!

Admission to the Kennedy Mine is FREE and open to the public. While self guided tours of the mine are certainly available, consider taking a guided tour by a knowledgeable tour guide. Guided tours are only $10 for adults and $6 for kids ages 6-12. Children under the age of 6 get in for FREE. On your guided tour, you will be taken on an in-depth tour around the grounds of the Kennedy Gold Mine that will last for approximately 1.5 hours. Along the way, you’ll stop by the Mine Office building – the location where gold flakes were melted into large bricks that were then shipped by Wells Fargo to San Francisco. During the tour you will also see the gold recovery mill, a h uge steel head frame that helped miners search for gold, tailing wheels and more. As you stop at the various sites, you will also hear impressive knowledge about the mine and the mining process as well as little known facts about the area.

If you prefer to take a self guided tour, stop by the gift shop and purchase a self-guided tour book so you can get the lay of the land on your own. In addition, feel free to bring along a lunch and rest at the picnic lunch area and simply soak in the ambiance of this historic area while you enjoy a bite to eat. Visit to learn more about the Kennedy Gold Mine.