Visit the Main Street Farmer’s Market in Jackson

May 26, 2017
main street farmer’s market jackson

Throughout the year, Amador County hosts a number of events for both visitors and locals alike. Many of the events, which are hosted in Downtown Jackson, celebrate the history and culture of Amador County. Whatever event you decide to attend, you will likely enjoy the festivities that are offered. One such event that is coming up is the Farmers Market. Be sure to stop by the Main Street Farmer’s Market Jackson for the freshest fruits and produce around.

When summer comes around, you’ll be able to enjoy juicy fruits and fresh produce at the annual Farmers Market. You can find the Farmers Market at the parking lot of the El Dorado Bank, located on Main Street. Stop by the Farmers Market and enjoy the fresh produce. Unlike store produce, which is picked in advance and more often than not hundreds of miles away, all of the fruits and vegetables that are at Jackson’s Certified Farmers Market are picked within hours of market days! In fact, visitors can actually speak directly to the farmer who grew the produce! You can learn all about the fruits and vegetables that are being offered as well as the farming practices that they used to make sure the produce is of the highest caliber. You can even ask farmers if they have any special preparation suggestions are pairings so you can get the most out of the fresh produce.

When you stop by the Jackson Farmers Market, you will find hundreds of fresh vegetables, fruits, fresh honey, flowers and sometimes even fresh agricultural products such as olive oil, wine and cheese. If you are in the mood for some fresh produce and want to support local businesses, stopping by the Farmers Market this summer is a must.