The Wonders Of The Sierra Nevada Foothills

Apr 5, 2016
mountain lake scenic shot

One thing that makes California so great is its unique mix of geography. From mountains to deserts, there is so much to explore. One of the jewels of California are the Sierra Nevada mountains. Stretching nearly 400 miles from north to south, there is so much to explore throughout the area. One specific area of the Sierra Nevada is the foothills. Here are just some of the many activities to do at the Sierra Nevada Foothills.

There are many camping opportunities that you can enjoy around the Foothills. According to some, the best way to explore the foothills is by sticking to Highway 49. This two-lane highway that travels north-south takes you through historical landmarks and even old mining towns. Along the way, there are many camping opportunities that you can find. The trouble will be picking which one! If you want to explore the Eastern Sierra Foothills, stop by Frenchman Lake. The Frenchman Campground is surrounded by the Plumas National Forest and provides piped water, picnic tables, fire rings and accommodation for RVs and tents.

Other than the ample camping opportunities, the Sierra Nevada foothills also offer a fine group of wineries that have been here for many years. While the wines might not be of the high quality that you might be able to find in Napa or Sonoma, the character more than makes up for any lack of quality. People have been producing wine in the area since the historic Gold Rush days. For example, Sobon Estate winery was founded back in 1856 and still stands today. You’ll find plenty of wineries to choose from in the quaint towns that are located by the foothills. Some of these include Terra d’Oro Winery, Ironstone Vineyards, Boeger Winery and Terre Rouge-Easton though there are many more.


The Sierra Nevada Foothills is a beautiful place to vacation. Camping, The Lake, and the Wineries are a few of the many things to do while visiting.
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